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Welcome! Thank you for visiting M.Nakamori & Co.,Ltd. We are the worldwide leader in Nishikigoi exports since 1969.
Centrally located in Nagoya area our office, packing, and shipping facility is close to all major international airports, which means less travel time for your fish and safer healthier arrival.

Our shipping capabilities extend globally.
We work with top official veterinarians to ensure all shipments are tested and certified KHV and SVC free. We provide all health certificates and shipping documents for your ease and convenience. There is no easier way than to allow us to service all of your koi needs.
We invite you to visit us in Japan and allow us to be your guide to visit any koi farm you would like including but not limited to, Maruu, Sakuma, Nakayama, Maruyama, Yohei, Dainichi, Omosako, Marutoshi, Kondo, and many more!
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Koi Types:Momotaro Tosai Showa
Koi Types:Sakuma 2 years old Kohaku 48 cm
Koi Types:Showa 52 cm Female
Koi Types:Sakuma 2 years old Sanke